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The SmileME gel is natural and peroxide-free. Our research team has developed a truly natural recipe with natural ingredients that whiten teeth in a natural and non aggressive way and without creating any sensitivity. Let's discover the main ingredients!

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate is a naturally occurring mineral. This compound allows you to polish your teeth and remove surface stains thanks to its delicate abrasive nature. In addition to helping you achieve a bright smile, it helps remove plaque buildup. Not everyone knows that baking soda increases the pH value in the mouth, thus reducing the risk of dental caries (which occurs at pH below 5.5).

Sodium Chlorite

This composition, which is often mistaken for common table salt, actually has very different chemical properties from its similar. Being an oxidizing agent it is often used as a whitening and antimicrobial agent. Sodium Chlorite releases a compound that improves mouth odors and is also useful for reducing plaque and bacteria in saliva.

Aloe Vera

Famous for its properties, this succulent plant is cultivated and used all over the world for agricultural and medicinal purposes. Its extract is a natural anti-inflammatory and is perfect for the health of the teeth and gums. A mouth with ongoing infections will surely lead to problems with the teeth as well. Thanks to the antibacterial properties of aloe you can prevent this type of problem.

Pomegranate Seed Extract

Pomegranate is a fruit known for its infinite properties. It is present among the ingredients for its antioxidant principles. It also has antimicrobial properties that work to fight common gum disease and improve oral health.


Chamomile is a plant commonly used to make medicinal herbs. In oral care, Chamomile is used to reduce plaque formation and disinfect the root canal. The hypoallergenic nature makes it a great ingredient for sensitive teeth and gums.

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